5 Ways a Zeo-Clear System Is Energy Efficient

One of the biggest concerns for many operations, especially those that operate remote work sites, is the responsibility to treat and discharge wastewater. Consider, for example, construction sites, mining camps, and other remote operations.

The time and cost to set up wastewater treatment, even just for the waste associated with personal needs of workers, is astonishing. That’s not even considering the cost and hassle to keep such a system functioning properly.

Some operations will require full-scale DAF water treatment systems or other options for the wastewater produced by both workers and as a byproduct of business operations, depending on the type of business. In short, waste water treatment can pose a significant cost and time commitment.

This is where the state-of-the-art Zeo-Clear system comes into play. This portable, self-sustaining system is a major boon for remote (or other) operations seeking self-contained and energy efficient solutions for waste water treatment. Here are just a few associated benefits.

1. Pre-fab Design

The Zeo-Clear system is pre-fabricated before being shipped to job sites. It is pre-wired and pre-plumbed for quick, easy installation and immediate usage. With Zeo-Clear, energy efficiency is built into every system before it ever reaches its destination.

2. No Infrastructure Needed

The average DAF water treatment facility requires infrastructure, which takes time and money. Although strides are being taken to improve the efficiency of standard waste water treatment equipment, the Zeo-Clear system offers energy efficiency not only while in use, but during the no-hassle setup.

3. Integrated 2-stage Wastewater Treatment

One of the biggest draws of the Zeo-Clear system is the combination of the second and third stage treatment processes, so that only a single stage of treatment accomplishes what other systems need two steps to complete.

This is thanks to the use of zeolite rock (hence the name), which is characterized by a micro porous structure that naturally reduces suspended solids, biochemical oxygen demand, and ammonia content in treated water.

4. Self-sustaining

The pre-fab Zeo-Clear system is completely self-sustainable and off the grid, significantly reducing energy demand. This makes it ideal for remote work locations, or any location, really. This system is compact, portable, and suitable for any operation interested in saving costs.

5. Reduced Energy Costs

Using the Zeo-Clear system as part of a waste water treatment setup has been shown to reduce overall energy costs by an average of 20%. When paired with ease of installation and use, the energy efficiency offered by Zeo-Clear makes this system an attractive choice for many remote, short-term, or other business operations.

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