A Glowing Recommendation from Russky Island

For those that have visited our blog from time to time have surely seen mention of our project at Russky Island, Russia. The 2.65 million gallon per day wastewater treatment facility, based on our Integrated Bio-Reactor (IBR) design, has been operational for many months and is now 100% automated. And today, we received a glowing recommendation from our client. View the document below, or read the transcription.

Recommendation from Russky Island

Dear Mr. Gruber,

I am pleased to acknowledge that the Wastewater Treatment Plant on Russky Island, Vladivostok, has been fully operational since September and 100% automated since December of 2012. The 10,000 m3/day IBR sewage treatment system by Ecologix Environmental Systems has taken a relatively small footprint and has fully met all our performance expectations. From everything that we can tell this is a high quality system with some of the finest brand equipment and state-of-the-art automation and control systems available anywhere. Furthermore, we were very impressed with the level of detail that Ecologix provided on both the engineering and operational aspects of the plant. It was invaluable to the success of the project.

In spite of language, cultural, and geographical barriers, Ecologix managed to stay on top of the challenges and continue to deliver on a timely basis and in accordance with the project timetable. Throughout the past three years of our engagement, you and your engineers acted responsibly and professionally. All issues were addressed in a timely manner and to our complete satisfaction.

I would be glad to engage Ecologix in similar projects that we may have in the future and I would whole heartedly recommend your fine organization to anyone interested in having  reliable engineering and system integration in the area of municipal or industrial wastewater treatment.


Aras Agalarov

President of JSC Crocus International


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  1. Pat Struble
    Pat Struble On January 23, 2013 at 6:43 pm Reply

    I,m just curious why more companies in the u.s.aren’t using your expertise? Or are they? Sounds like your company has the real edge on all your competition. It takes companies like yours to get theU.S. back on our feet. Well you know what I meant. Maybe prosperity?

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