Aging wastewater treatment plant in Wyoming replaced by a Bio-Clear packaged wastewater treatment plant

The Dave Johnston Power Plant located in Glenrock, WY needed to replace their aging wastewater treatment plant which was almost 40 years old. By using the Ecologix BioClear BC-20-ES-CCT system, they are now able to treat and disinfect their water to the required permitted effluent standards. The new wastewater treatment plant is designed to handle flowrates ranging from 10,000 – 20,000 Gallons Per Day.

Due to the harsh winter weather conditions in central Wyoming (up to -80˚F wind chill), the BioClear plant needed to be partially buried 9’ below the surface of the ground in order to provide added temperature stability; therefore, this plant did not require insulation and saved the client a significant amount of money. However, even though it was buried it did require three (3) small heaters to prevent the water from freezing during the winter months. Ecologix was able to meet their requirements without any issue and, for significantly less cost, than an equally sized packaged treatment plant would have been designed for.


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