Ecologix is a Platts Global Energy Awards Finalist

Global Energy Awards

You may or may not have heard of the Platts Global Energy Awards. If you have, then you know what it means to be named a finalist in this prestigious forum. If you haven’t heard of Platts, here’s an executive summary.

Over the past 13 years the Global Energy Awards have honored and recognized those who have transcended the status quo in the name of excellence in leadership, innovation and performance in the energy industry.

There are several categories to which nominees are named finalists, and in our case that category is entitled, Sustainable Innovation. The Sustainable Innovation category is centered around “hard” technologies (not software) that focus on the research & development, ingenuity and commercialization potential of new technologies.

Ecologix Environmental Systems has been named a finalist in the Sustainable Innovation category for the Integrated Treatment System (ITS), a technology that treats waste water from fracking operations.

Global Energy Awards Finalists

There are a lot of water treatment companies with technologies, making their play in the Oil & Gas sector, some more effectively than others. We believe the ITS stands in a league of its own because of it’s comprehensive approach to frac water treatment – no matter the geography, type of frac job, or mix of contaminants,  the ITS can be adapted to produce clean water and boost the productivity of future wells. Watch a video of our pilot system in the field and hear the good folks from Texas Groundwater District 7 give their feedback on the ITS performance.

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