Hydraulic Fracturing: Mobile Wastewater Treatment that Actually Makes Sense

Fracking well head drilling siteAt Ecologix, we’ve engineered and enhanced our mobile Integrated Treatment System (ITS) for treating the wastewater produced during hydraulic fracturing. We’ve designed what we call the Mobile Chemical Treatment (MCT) unit. The MCT-900 is a universal chemical management system for chemical mixing at rural drilling sites. Like the Mobile DAF system (the heart of the ITS), the MCT-900 is based on a mobile frac tank design and includes multiple options that are configurable in the field for site-specific requirements. Over on MarketWatch they’ve said “the versatility and treatment capacity of the ITS has established a new standard in wastewater treatment for the oil & gas industry.”

The ITS changes the landscape of fracking wastewater treatment. Where the industry has resorted to makeshift wastewater management solutions, the ITS was designed specifically for the industry and addresses all the major concerns. City and state governments have begun rejecting flowback water, forcing the oil & gas companies to find other ways to rid themselves of the byproduct. Deep well injection has also come under increased scrutiny as studies are finding correlations between injection wells and increased seismic activity. The only real sustainable option is to treat the flowback and that’s the void the Integrated Treatment System fills.

The greatest advantage of the ITS is its treatment capacity. At 900gpm (30,000+ barrels/day) the ITS leads the pack as the most compact and efficient treatment solution in the field. Of course, processing volume is not the only advantage of the ITS. The mobility of the ITS allows it to be deployed and operational within hours, not days, upon arrival at the well-head. Treating flowback and produced water on-site eliminates dependency on local municipalities and the environmentally questionable practice of deep-well injection. It seems obvious that the purely mobile nature of natural gas exploration would necessitate mobile wastewater treatment systems, but until now the ITS has been the only solution versatile, targeted, and robust enough to meet the demands of the industry.

You can learn more about the ITS and see a video of it in operation here.

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