Learn About: Zeo-Clear Packaged Wastewater Treatment System

Zeo-ClearWhat is a Zeo-Clear?

Perfect for the needs of smaller populations, communities, camps, resorts & similar sized applications, the Zeo-Clear is a one-of-a-kind wastewater treatment plant, built inside a standard ISO shipping container.

The Zeo-Clear is an advanced process for biological wastewater treatment, combining the standard activated sludge process with natural zeolite packed in fixed cages. The zeolite particles create a large surface for nitrifying bacteria to grow, since the zeolite is uniquely capable of absorbing the nitrogen present in wastewater. This process is a combination of secondary treatment with a tertiary biological nitrogen removal. Simultaneously, the zeolite chemically and physically filters and prevents any activated sludge from being washed away from the aeration sections.

How it Works

Zeo-Clear Process Flow Diagram
Water first enters the unit through a basket screen that captures any large solids that might clog piping or cause problems with pumps. Water then flows into an aeration chamber where it is infused with atmospheric air and put in contact with microbial bacteria in the form of activated sludge, that helps consume harmful, unwanted contaminants. Water gradually flows through fixed zeolite media filter packs, which perform the  nitrification and de-nitrification process of Nitrogen reduction. Then, the process of aeration and zeolite filtration is repeated multiple times across the length of the container until the water flows under a weir into the clarifier section. Water flows up through tubular channels of PVC, helping heavy particulates settle downward, while clean water flows up and over another weir into the discharge channel. In a closed loop system, settled sludge is recycled back into the aeration zones to augment the treatment process.

Water treated in the Zeo-Clear typically produces effluents with the following characteristics:

  • BOD <20 mg/L
  • TSS  <20 mg/L
  • COD <40 mg/L
  • N (total) <20 mg/L

Zeo-Clear Installations

The Zeo-Clear is one of Ecologix’s newly developed products and we’re glad to have delivered it to two mining camps this year; one in New Mexico and the other in Guinea, Africa. Take a look at some of the images from these projects below:

zeo-clear-buried-7 zeo-clear-buried-4 zeo-clear-buried-3


View a cool time-lapse of the Zeo-Clear being fabricated here.

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