Recycling Frac Water

Recycling Frac Water in Texas

We recently took our Integrated Treatment System (ITS) for frac water recycling out to a remote ranch in south Texas. This location, in the heart of the Eagle Ford shale play, is scheduled for hundreds of new wells over the coming years. With water scarcity presenting itself as a major concern in the region, the…


The Magic of Using Produced Water for Fracking

By Eli Gruber July 09, 2013 Proven industrial water treatment options have existed for decades in many sectors, and they are evolving to accommodate a process in the oil and gas sector that desperately needs them: hydraulic fracturing (fracking). In a recent survey conducted by Ecologix Environmental Systems, 85% of energy industry professionals said water…

Frac Water Life Cycle Infographic

The Frac Water Life Cycle

There’s a lot of talk about water issues surrounding fracking. Here’s a simple illustration explaining exactly how water is used in the process. We the people have made a few suggestions, find those at the bottom of the graphic.

Illinois Fracking Legislation Doesn't Address Water Recycling

Illinois Regulates Fracking, Leaves Water Recycling Unaddressed

By Eli Gruber, President & CEO Ecologix Environmental Systems Illinois recently joined the ranks of states that have introduced legislation to regulate how hydraulic fracturing is carried out.  Whether you cheer or jeer these new rules seems to once again depend heavily on which side of the fence you sit on.  Environmentalists claiming that regulations…


Water Management is Top Regulatory Concern

Eighty-five percent of respondents cite water as most important fracking-related issue in need of regulation ATLANTA — (May 7, 2013) A recent survey conducted by Atlanta-based Ecologix Environmental Systems reveals that water management is widely viewed as the single most important issue in need of regulation in the fracking industry. The one-question survey asked top…


Wastewater Recycling: How it’s Done

Ecologix Environmental Systems President & CEO, Eli Gruber spent some time discussing wastewater recycling in the oil and gas industry with Conway Irwin at Breaking Energy. The following article gives an account of three executives of companies with different methodologies for managing spent frac water. While various wastewater recycling technologies have the same ultimate goal…

swirly rig

New System Offers Holistic Approach to Frack Water Treatment

NEW SYSTEM OFFERS HOLISTIC APPROACH TO FRACK WATER TREATMENT May 02, 2013 Karen Bowman Rigzone Staff A wastewater treatment process long utilized in the food industry now is available to treat flowback and produced water from hydraulic fracturing. Established in 2002, Alpharetta, Georgia-based Ecologix Environmental Systems has provided wastewater treatment services to companies such as…


Recycling Produced and Flowback Water for Fracking

A recent publication by the Society of Petroleum Engineers examines a study performed by Halliburton and XTO Energy in which they successfully used produced water for crosslinked-gel-based hydraulic fracturing. The  attached paper gives further insight into what this accomplishment means for the oil & gas industry as a whole.