frac water treatment system

Responsible Fracking

By Eli Gruber, President & CEO Ecologix Environmental Systems Hydraulic fracturing is controversial, and that controversy certainly is not completely unwarranted. To fully understand the many issues with fracking and how to improve the process, reduce its environmental impact and quell the fears of those who are against it or lack a comprehensive understanding of…

Bureau of Land Management is an 800 lb gorilla

Preparation for Frack Regulation Can Pay Dividends

The federal government is the 800-pound gorilla of land usage. With mineral rights of over 700 million acres, the United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is the largest landowner in the country, so when it speaks, anyone with a vested interest in land use is wise to listen carefully. The BLM has recently spoken…

Frac Water Life Cycle Infographic

The Frac Water Life Cycle

There’s a lot of talk about water issues surrounding fracking. Here’s a simple illustration explaining exactly how water is used in the process. We the people have made a few suggestions, find those at the bottom of the graphic.