The Integrated Treatment System: 2012 Environmental Awards

The Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Environmental Awards honor the companies and individuals working to conserve metro Atlanta’s natural resources, curb pollution, develop new products to serve the environment and support environmental projects and initiatives.Atlanta Business Chronicle Environmental Awards Ecologix was fortunate enough to receive a nomination as a finalist in the “Envention” category for the Integrated Treatment System (ITS) – a mobile solution for treating frac water and wastewater. The following is the publisher’s write-up from the event:

Finalist: Ecologix Environmental Systems Wastewater treatment company Ecologix Environmental Systems is on a mission to provide a cleaner environment through technology. Specializing in oil and gas, the Atlanta-based company recently completed the design and building of a mobile integrated treatment system (ITS) for hydraulic fracturing that will treat up to 900 gallons per minute of frack flowback water. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a method of pumping water, sand and other chemicals underground to extract natural gas from deep shale deposits. Ecologix Environmental System’s process is helping address some of the biggest operational challenges associated with hydro-fracking — mobility, scalability and efficiency — as well as the need for new wastewater treatment methods that are environmentally compliant and economically viable. The company is a finalist in the Envention category for Atlanta Business Chronicle’s 2012 Environmental Awards. Poised to change the way frack water is treated, the Ecologix Mobile ITS efficiently removes oil, dissolved metals and total suspended solids from the polluted water.

We are grateful for the recognition and are glad to be in a position to contribute to a cleaner environment. Learn more about the Integrated Treatment Solution (ITS) for frac water treatment here.

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